Bringing Jackson Together to

Sustain What Matters

Bringing Jackson Together to

Sustain What Matters

Thank you, Jackson Hole

Words can’t adequately express my gratitude to everyone who supported this campaign to Sustain What Matters.

Those of us lucky enough to live here are the beneficiaries of over a century of stewardship. Our task is to continue that legacy for future generations.

To succeed, we can no longer take our ecosystem’s health for granted. Ditto our sense of community. Ditto our thriving tourism economy. This is our fundamental challenge. Together, we can make it happen.

I am dedicated to fighting for this remarkable place, and I know you are, too.

Again, my deepest thanks.

I believe in Jackson Hole. This place. This community.

We are an extraordinary group of people, living in an extraordinary place.

I believe we face unprecedented challenges. To our ecosystem. To our community. To our economy.

I also believe that – together – we can successfully address our challenges. It will not be easy, and it will not be smooth. Working together as a community we can not only address our challenges, but can do things that, quite literally, have never been done before.

We can, in short, Sustain What Matters.

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Coming Together To Address Our Challenges


21st Century Economy. 20th Century Operating System


Demonstrate a Commitment To Stewardship

I envisioned, advocated for, and championed the effort that led to the creation of America’s first-ever Ecosystem Stewardship Administrator.

A $1 cup of coffee generates more tax revenue than last year’s $1 billion of services revenues, $3 billion of real estate sales, and $4 billion of investment income combined.

The number of years I’ve served our community in elected office (8 as a trustee of St. John’s Health; 4 as a Jackson town councilor)


The number of affordable and workforce housing units that have been built, approved, or planned for during my four years as a Jackson Town Councilor.


Teton County’s Treasurer and I developed a new method for estimating future sales tax revenues, identifying extra money available to address community needs.

Governing is about ‘we’ – not ‘me’

I am running for a second term on Town Council so I can continue my work to help Jackson meet its extraordinary potential as a place to live, work, and visit, and to show the world how people and the environment can co-thrive.

My campaign and continued service will reflect the qualities that matter: optimism, civility, and compassion. I want to continue serving this community — our residents, businesses, and visitors — in a way that creates a greater sense of hope. Our challenges can be addressed; our potential can be realized; our future is bright for current and future generations. 

In doing this, I will continue to be an optimist informed by a clear-eyed understanding of where we are, where we want to be, and the forces shaping our future. Listening to and addressing the community’s concerns will continue to guide my efforts; will continue to guide my focus on sustaining what matters.

Campaigns are an individual sport – all about “me.” Governing is a team sport — all about “we.” My focus is on the “we,” because what matters is working with you to build a better, more sustainable community for everyone.

I would be honored to once again have your support.

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