Social Media and Timely Issues

While this newsletter discusses subjects affecting people and communities across the globe – social media use, affordable housing, climate change, and social justice – its clear focus is on issues related to Jackson Hole and my re-election campaign.

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I’m Running for Re-election

I’ve spent the last several months asking myself a simple question: How can I best give back to this place that you and I and so many others love so deeply and care so much about?

After much deliberation, I’ve determined that, if Jackson’s voters see fit, the answer is to serve another term in office.

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On ecosystem stewardship, tourism and fireworks

Hello! This newsletter has three foci: Ecosystem StewardshipTourismFireworks-cum-Government Funding Ecosystem Stewardship The vision of the Town of Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan is “Preserve and protect the area’s ecosystem in order to ensure a healthy...

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